Corrections and Community Engagement Technical Assistance Center (CCETAC)

CCETAC focuses on reducing recidivism through evidence-based and capacity-building training and technical assistance.
Smiling young people in a therapy group

Reducing recidivism rates and improving outcomes for justice-involved individuals is a critical issue facing communities across the United States. The Corrections and Community Engagement Technical Assistance Center (CCETAC) at AIR is aimed at addressing these challenges through evidence-based approaches.

Through CCETAC, AIR provides capacity-building training and technical assistance (TTA) to Category 1 Second Chance Act (SCA) grantees. The SCA helps local, state, and federal initiatives build upon important research and helps advance innovative policies and practices in reentry. 

Our TTAs are phenomenal and really provide that sounding board needed to help us to continue to make progress towards a successful grant completion. There has never been a time that we needed guidance and/or assistance that they haven't gone above and beyond to help us.

- SCA Grantee

CCETAC is funded by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), in partnership with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).

AIR serves as the primary TTA provider for adult corrections, juvenile justice, and community supervision grantees. AIR's approach is grounded in years of experience providing TTA to professionals in the justice and reentry fields and is built on deep knowledge and feedback from past grantees. Through this center, AIR works to eliminate barriers and create pathways to success for SCA grantees.

AIR delivers consistent individual relationship-based TTA, site visits, develops multiple web-based learning opportunities, resources, and convenes all Category 1 grantees in person along with experts including AIR coaches, partners, and BJA/OJJDP staff. This approach incorporates the voices of the formerly incarcerated, integrates data across systems, and creates sustainable practices that continue beyond the life of the grant.

Graphic: CCETAC - Category 1 Tracks

In addition, AIR conducts a grantee survey on the quality of CCETAC TTA to inform TTA efforts for the year. AIR coaches lead the delivery of TTA by supporting reentry practitioners, being the trusted source for high-quality, cutting-edge research on what works, and creating and implementing evidence-based practices, resources, and tools to tackle significant problems faced by many reentry initiatives. 

Simon Gonsoulin
Principal Researcher
Senior TA Consultant