The Relative Returns to Credit- and Non-Credit-Bearing Attainment

It is commonly understood that education is one of the most reliable paths to economic security but less understood which path to skills attainment is ideal. At the same time, the market is being flooded with a growing array of educational options as providers aim to meet growing demand, especially for workers with “middle skills” (having acquired some postsecondary training but not a 4-year degree).

In the midst of the economic fallout from COVID-19, Scott Cheney, MPP, CEO of Credential Engine, joined Irma Perez-Johnson, Ph.D., vice president and Workforce Program Area director at AIR to discuss recent research findings by Candace Hester, Ph.D., and Sami Kitmitto, Ph.D., suggesting that credit-bearing credentials are worth about 17% more annually than non-credit-bearing credentials.

The webinar featured a short presentation of the research, followed by an open discussion by Cheney and Perez-Johnson. Webinar attendees were invited to submit questions and participate in discussion.

Event Information

March 5, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET