Amy Rathbun

Managing Researcher

Amy H. Rathbun is a managing researcher who serves as the director of the Education Statistics Services Institute Network (ESSIN) contract in support of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and project director for AIR’s work on the ESSIN International Activities project. As ESSIN director, she provides leadership and strategic planning in the management of the contract and its operations, including maintaining successful collaborations with NCES Contract Officer’s Representative and senior staff. Responsibilities include supervision of a staff of analysts, associates, and assistants; annual planning and budgeting; developing and maintaining positive client relationships; and meeting requirements of contract deliverables, including the areas of data security and quality-assurance procedures. As project director of the International Activities project, she collaborates with NCES clients on data development; analysis and reporting content and reviews; and dissemination, training, and outreach efforts associated with U.S. participation in international surveys and assessments.

Previously, Dr. Rathbun served as the project director for the ESSIN Annual Reports project, where she led the development, review, and publication of compendia of statistical data publications including The Condition of Education and The Digest of Education Statistics, as well as special topic reports and outreach efforts produced by the NCES. She has also provided expertise to NCES on its three early childhood longitudinal studies (ECLS) including the planning and execution of ECLS data user training seminars and responsibility for ECLS instrument development and review, quality control review of data files and technical documentation, and technical assistance to data users. Prior to joining AIR, she worked as an elementary school teacher.

Ph.D., Education Policy Studies; M.A., Educational Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation; and B.A., Elementary Education, University of Maryland, College Park