Danielle Ferguson

Principal Researcher

Danielle Ferguson is a principal researcher with expertise in K-12 science, and large-scale assessment development, scoring, and reporting. Her primary responsibilities include serving as the lead science content expert for item development for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). She conducts science content reviews and provides technical support for the NAEP assessment.

Dr. Ferguson also serves as content expert contributor to the U.S. participation in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). This is a large project that requires management of multiple deliverables and in-depth knowledge of NAEP, TIMSS, NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), and current educational trends. Additionally, she is the lead qualitative researcher on several projects funded by the National Science Foundation, state departments of education, and private research organizations in which she collects and analyzes data from stakeholder meetings and interviews.

Dr. Ferguson supervises junior staff and facilitates trainings both virtually and in person to ensure they are up to date with review processes, improve their content knowledge, and to keep them abreast of relevant educational policies. Prior to working at AIR, she was a high school science teacher, science department chair, and curriculum writer for over a decade.

Image of Danielle Ferguson

Ed.D., Science Education, Morgan State University; M.A., Teaching, Secondary Science, Johns Hopkins University; B.S., Biology, Morgan State University