Janet Lundeen

Principal Researcher

Janet Lundeen is an organizational leader in supporting federal research and policy related to special education and children and youth with disabilities. She is co-project director for the Analysis, Communication, Dissemination and Meetings (ACDM) contract for the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), U.S. Department of Education. Lundeen leads development and dissemination of technical assistance products on topics such as interventions for children with exposure to environmental hazards, access to early intervention for infants and toddlers with disabilities, and reduction of exclusionary classroom behavior practices, including restraint and seclusion.

Lundeen has also led development of comprehensive resource packages on topics such as the Continuity of Learning During COVID-19 and College and Career Readiness. Under Lundeen, ACDM supports the entire OSEP TA Center network through its hosting of the annual OSEP in-person conference and symposia and on OSEP-wide initiatives as Attract-Prepare-Retain: Effective Personnel for All and Expect, Engage, Empower (3E): Successful Transitions for All.

Lundeen also has deep expertise conducting research on broader education topics and coordinating guidance to support states, districts, and schools. She led much of the research work on an evaluation of a National Math and Science Initiative to increase the share of high school students participating in AP classes and subsequently enrolling in college. She also served as a senior resource developer on the Doing What Works project, which translated IES research-based recommendations into coherent sets of multimedia products and tools to support their implementation, on topics including postsecondary access and school turnaround.