Kristin Ruedel

Managing Researcher

Kristin Ruedel, managing researcher at AIR, currently serves as a task leader on the Center for Technology Innovation. Responsibilities include developing and writing of an Implementation Practice Guide including as well as providing support to field site liaisons and overall coordination of field test activities. She also collaborates with team members to develop content for the website and applies user feedback when developing new resources and redesigning the website.

Previously, Dr. Ruedel served as the project coordinator of a grant that supported the use and analysis of large-scale data in special education through the University of Maryland. This grant not only provided doctoral students with a individualized program of study in special education policy, advanced statistical techniques and support for conducting analyses on large-scale datasets, but also hosted annual training/workshops with professors, doctoral students, researchers and district personnel to advance understanding of study design and data analyses using large-scale database. Dr. Ruedel has also worked as an education consultant in program and policy development, implementation and evaluation (both within country and internationally) with a goal of improving learning opportunities and policies to support students with disabilities.

Dr. Ruedel has worked in a variety of roles and directly with the field as a technical assistance liaison and teacher trainer; as a project evaluator; as a researcher utilizing quantitative and qualitative methodologies; and as a mentor to doctoral student and junior staff. Her experiences have provided opportunities in survey development, study design, development of evaluation plans, data collection plans and analyses; and writing research findings, technical reports, policy briefs and web-content.

Ph.D., Special Education Policy, University of Maryland; Ed.M., International Education Policy, Harvard University; B.S., Special Education for Hearing Impaired (K-12) and Secondary Education in Mathematics, Eastern Michigan University