Manolya Tanyu

Senior Researcher

Manolya Tanyu is a community psychologist and prevention researcher with 15 years of expertise in evaluation of school- and community-based interventions to prevent risk behaviors and promote youth development and well-being. A core aspect of her work is understanding the interrelationships across the settings (i.e., human serving systems, communities, schools, youth organizations, and families) with a primary focus on how caring youth-adult relationships function to influence healthy development and resilience for positive academic, social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes. In her role, she leads tasks and teams in multi-site, multi-year exploratory and experimental studies to examine implementation and the effects of interventions (e.g., youth mentoring).

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Dr. Tanyu is skilled in leading data collection and management tasks, mixed-methods analyses. As a researcher, she is also committed to providing technical assistance to diverse stakeholders and practitioners to help build evaluation and data capacity, and systems change grounded in the principles of implementation science. Dr. Tanyu serves as a certified reviewer for What Works Clearinghouse and and is a research board member for the National Mentoring Resource Center. She is also a school-based mentor in her community.

Manolya Tanyu

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Illinois–Chicago; M.S., Human Development, University of Wisconsin–Madison; B.A., Psychology, Boğazici University, Turkey