Tia Clinton


Tia Clinton is an education researcher who’s work spans equity, K-12 school and program improvement, student belonging, and evaluation. Dr. Clinton has extensive experience in school level and nonprofit level interventions to increase achievement outcomes for students of color both on the K-12 and higher education levels. Her professional career has been grounded in the realms of race, education, equity, and social justice.

Her most recent professional experiences include serving as Project Director for a NSF funded STEM program in higher education, working as REL Southwest Co-Project Director to evaluate and increase students college and career readiness outcomes, investigating strategies to alleviate COVID-19 learning loss through a systematic review, serving as Qualitative lead and lending qualitative support on a number of K-12 intervention projects, co-developing frameworks for equity audits, co-developing a training on culturally responsive practices to be used by Regional Education Laboratory Midwest, and evaluating the effectiveness of the community partnership school model in Central Florida.

Clinton’s dissertation work looks at the overlay of the black-white opportunity gap, the discipline gap, the school to prison pipeline and restorative practices. It interrogates the cultural and structural obstacles to implementing a whole school restorative approach and provides evidence that restorative practices has tremendous potential to increase school belonging and socio-emotional learning.
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Ph.D., Sociology of Race and Education, University of Michigan; M.A., Sociology, University of Michigan; B.A., Sociology and American Studies, Wesleyan University