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MOSAIC is committed to conducting high-quality research synthesis, improving research synthesis methods, and promoting the use and uptake of reviews and meta-analyses.

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The Methods of Synthesis and Integration Center (MOSAIC) at AIR conducts systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses in education, health, international development, social welfare, and the workforce.

New to systemic literature reviews and meta-analysis? Explore our MOSAIC guides and “Methods in a Minute” videos.

MOSAIC experts create methodological improvements by conducting simulation studies and deriving new statistical methods. We support external trainings and workshops and knowledge translation through individual projects and through the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

With more than 70 certified What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) reviewers at AIR, we also support and conduct reviews using the WWC standards and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) evidence tiers. This work is housed on the Statistics, Website, and Training (SWAT) and Evidence Support Center pages.

Project Areas


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Systematic Literature Review

MOSAIC experts have experience conducting systematic literature review projects in education, health, international development, social welfare, and workforce.



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MOSAIC experts have extensive experience and have completed work in a variety of areas of meta-analysis, to ensure a thorough review of your research question.



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Meta-analysis Training

Each year, MOSAIC hosts meta-analysis training and WWC certification through federally funded grants for individuals across the nation.



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Synthesis Methods

MOSAIC improves the methods of systematic reviews and meta-analyses through methodological reviews, simulation studies, and validity tests of various software.



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Knowledge Translation

Along with the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center, MOSAIC provides knowledge translation through evidence synthesis methods to make research meaningful.



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Alternative Review Types

MOSAIC supports many types of evidence synthesis projects, including scoping reviews, mock ESSA and WWC reviews.