Measurement and Psychometrics

AIR’s nationally recognized methodologists, psychometricians, and statisticians use the most advanced questionnaire development methods and state-of-the-art psychometric procedures to provide our clients with world-class survey data and findings whose validity and reliability typically exceed industry standards.

Our expert staff focus on quality measurement and psychometrics across the entire data development process. Our methodologists design and lead focus groups to identify and refine concepts and constructs, work with content experts to apply best practices in item writing to develop valid survey questions and assessment items, and evaluate the quality of those items through cognitive testing. AIR psychometricians and statisticians assess and improve the quality of items and scales through techniques that include Item Response Theory (IRT), reliability analyses, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, and through evaluations of content, internal, and external validity testing. Our psychometricians and statisticians work with policymakers, educators, and other content experts to set standards for constructs and set benchmarks at the local level and across state, national, and international assessments. AIR’s focus on quality measurement and psychometrics yields data and research results that are trusted by clients and stakeholders as reliable, valid, and actionable.