Charter Schools and School Choice

Meeting the multitude of complex academic, administrative, and regulatory challenges facing public charter schools requires the right approach and the right team. What is the best way to address the academic needs of diverse learners? How do you create and make better use of performance data streams? Where is the balance between monitoring schools for public accountability and protecting autonomy to spur innovation?

Our Work

Working with charter schools, authorizers and policy makers, boards, and management companies, AIR conducts studies to identify, design, and implement systems that help organizations cultivate practices that result in high-quality schools and accountability. We place a wide range of expertise at the fingertips of the people leading charter school work. Our charter school and school improvement policy and practice veterans are versed in the most effective approaches and have first-hand experience serving as charter school teachers, administrators, governing board members, authorizers and researchers.

Comprehensive analysis, targeted expertise to close gaps, and proven data management and systems building are instrumental in improving performance across instructional, administrative, and school community functions. Technical assistance can be tailored for education agencies, policy makers, authorizers, charter management organizations, independent charter schools, and governing boards. Our capacities span the spectrum from national research analysis, to state policy to high-needs school improvement in settings from urban to rural. Support also can be focused to organize and facilitate inter-school collaboratives.

Image of Megan Austin
Principal Researcher