Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

AIR is committed to improving the public’s physical and mental health and addressing health disparities by delivering evidence-based, audience-centric information, and effective support. Our experts use a variety of strategies to increase awareness, engage stakeholders, and ultimately effect positive changes in individuals’ health behaviors and the health status of communities.

Our Work

AIR's work targets public health entities, providers, patients and families, and communities to increase understanding and access to services that support health prevention and promotion. This includes addressing challenges related to behavioral health such as opioid use disorder, management of chronic conditions like HIV/AIDs and Chronic Kidney Disease, and addressing issues related to vaccine hesitancy.

Other health promotion strategies include engaging stakeholders and providing technical assistance to prevent youth violence and promote safe schools, working with partners at all levels of society to raise awareness of adolescent mental health issues, and working with national and local stakeholders to adopt physical activity guidelines developed by AIR.

AIR’s sister agency, IMPAQ International, also supports the federal government’s efforts to prevent and manage chronic and infectious disease. More information on these projects is available on IMPAQ International’s website.

Eloisa Montes
Principal Communications Specialist