First 5 California Kit for New Parents Study

Mom reading to baby

The First 5 California (F5CA) Kit for New Parents provides resources and information to new parents and caregivers throughout California. These resources include information on child health and development, parenting, children’s books, and other flyers and supports for families.

The F5CA Kit for New Parents Study evaluates the distribution of the Kits to families across the state and explores the experiences and outcomes of families that receive the Kit. The evaluation is organized into three sub-studies:

  1. The Kit Distribution Study examines data from the statewide Kit distributor as well as from local agencies that work directly with families to understand how Kits are delivered and how effective the distribution system is at putting Kits into the hands of families that need resources the most.
  2. The Parent Experiences Study uses in-depth interviews with parents to explore parent experiences with the Kit, given the language and delivery mode of the Kit, and perceptions of how useful the Kit materials are.
  3. The Parent and Family Outcomes Study assesses change in parent knowledge and behavior through a parent survey and explores statewide impacts on families using data from the statewide California Health Interview Survey (CHIS).

The information gathered from the study will help F5CA better support families by understanding the Kit’s reach and impact on families. Specifically, the study will tell us whether the Kits reach the parents and children they are intended for, how they are used and appreciated, how families benefit from the Kits, and how their design and distribution could be improved.

Study Findings: Read our infographic from the Kit Distribution Study.