The Future of Education

Teacher showing computer experiments to children

Around the world, accelerating technological innovation and pressing global issues such as climate change are affecting our lives, including what we learn and how we learn. Google for Education launched an effort to speak with educational experts to understand evolving trends in the future of education.

Google for Education collaborated with research partner Canvas8 to conduct a study across 24 countries, interviewing experts on how and why they are rethinking the role of education. The result is a three-part global report highlighting insights from around the world. AIR served as an advisor and consultant to this research.

...we hope that this research can help provide educators and education leaders with a common understanding of the trends informing the future of education, and spark ideas and discussion on how we can best work together to help all learners — and those who help them — succeed.

- Shantanu Sinha, Vice President, Google for Education

The global report contains insights from interviews with 94 education thought leaders, including experts in policy, academic researchers covering education, district-level representatives, school principals and teachers, and edtech leaders.

Part 1, Preparing for a New Future, shares how and why experts who were interviewed for this report are rethinking the role of education, as educators work to equip students with the skills and perspectives to navigate massive change. Trends explored in Part 1 include the rising demand for global problem solvers, change in the skills sets required for work, and the shift to a lifelong learning mindset.

Part 2, Evolving How We Teach and Learn, explores how recent technological advances are driving how we think about teaching and learning from a one-to-many model to a more personal approach to learning.

Part 3, Reimagining Learning Ecosystems, shares how educators are taking a more systemic approach to transformation, by reimagining the education ecosystem around the learner.