MetaReviewer: An Online, Easy-To-Use Program for Conducting Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

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Conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis is time-consuming, tedious, and labor intensive. The process requires research staff to find information from every study included in the systematic review and put that information in a database or spreadsheet. To assist with the process, researchers often turn to proprietary software, but existing programs are expensive or lack important features. To address this need, we developed a free, easy-to-use, collaborative software program called MetaReviewer.

The goal of MetaReviewer is to assist researchers in the process of conducting a systematic review and/or meta-analysis. The current version of MetaReviewer—in the Beta testing phase—does this by helping research staff to:

  • develop a codebook for their project;
  • link multiple study citations together;
  • conduct comprehensive and consistent coding;
  • identify correct effect size data; and
  • export data in a ready-to-use format for quantitative synthesis.

MetaReviewer also has several project management functions that can assist researchers who are leading a systematic review. Most importantly, all members of a research team can access the synthesis project page and view progress in real-time via a web browser. Project leaders and staff never have to download software or update existing downloads. With only a few mouse clicks, a project leader can: assign staff studies to code, view coding progress, validate completed study coding, and export entered data.

If you are interested in using MetaReviewer for your ongoing project, please complete this web survey.

MetaReviewer completed a Beta testing phase in November 2022 and is no longer open to new users. We will officially launch MetaReviewer on November 1, 2023. Complete the web survey form at the link on the right to stay informed and to receive an invitation to the launch webinar, and follow MetaReviewer on YouTube and Twitter.

The MetaReviewer program was made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation to AIR (EHR-2000672) and is supported by the Methods of Synthesis and Integration Center (MOSAIC) at AIR.

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Principal Researcher
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