MyTeachingPartner-Secondary (MTP-S) Cost Study

Teacher at whiteboard with math students

It is essential to have coherent, effective, and sustainable approaches to enhancing classroom instruction through teacher professional development to have a positive impact on student achievement. Moreover, schools need to be able to consider the economic impact of professional development programs and compare them to other programs to determine the best fit for their needs. 

With support from the Education Innovation and Research program administered by the U.S. Department of Education, and in partnership with Teachstone and Learning Forward, AIR conducted a multi-year impact evaluation of  a scaled-up version of the MyTeachingPartner-Secondary instructional coaching program. As part of the evaluation, researchers from the Center for Economic Evaluation at AIR found that the MTP-S program cost approximately $13,648 per teacher over a two-year intervention, resulting in an estimated cost of $55 per student.

For more information about the evaluation study, including the final report, journal articles, and a digital story, visit Scaling an Evidence-Based Instructional Coaching Program for Teachers