Study of Practices for English Learners

English learners (ELs) face disproportionate educational challenges because they must master subject-matter content while also developing English proficiency.

The Study of Practices for English Learners is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education), and examines key policies, practices, and activities related to ELs nationwide. The study consists of several key tasks:

  • An implementation study of Title III policies and practices that will draw on nationally representative surveys of state administrators, district officials, and school leaders to assess and describe the implementation of EL programs at the state and local level.
  • A study of EL experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, consisting of district- and school-level interviews.
  • An evaluation of the National Professional Development Program that will draw from a review of grantee applications, a survey of project directors, and a survey of grant program participants who are pre-service and in-service teachers.
  • A feasibility study that will identify potentially promising approaches to addressing EL needs and develop research design options for testing their effectiveness in a future impact evaluation.
  • Analyses of how states are holding schools accountable for the academic performance of ELs under ESSA.