Trauma-Informed Leadership Training

Female solder talks with therapist

Trauma is recognized as a widespread public health problem that affects individuals and communities. In the military, leaders play a critical role in ensuring healthy command climates to prevent trauma and harmful behaviors from occurring in the first place and to promote safe and restorative practices to help Service members recover from trauma so that they can thrive.

Military leaders who understand trauma and its effects on unit cohesion, command climate, and mission readiness, and who are equipped to implement trauma-informed practices, can make a measurable difference in the health and well-being of their unit and Service members' lives. These efforts ultimately improve the Department of Defense’s (DoD) mission to provide combat-credible military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our nation.

In support of DoD’s mission, AIR provides expert consultation on the development of evidence-based, trauma informed leadership trainings. The trainings help military leaders:

  • Understand how to best support Service members who may have experienced trauma;
  • Build their capacity to support integrated primary prevention of harmful behaviors by adopting a trauma-informed lens and developing skills to strengthen prevention and response within their community; and
  • Prevent and mitigate additional harmful outcomes to improve force resiliency and mission readiness.