Are You Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Learning and Development? (Second Edition)

Helping youth develop social and emotional competencies can put them on the road to success—not only in school but also in their lives. It is crucial to have strong conditions for learning to enable social and emotional learning (SEL) and development.

How can you assess conditions for learning and development, as well as social and emotional competencies? The Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess toolkit, available at no cost, helps educators, practitioners, and policymakers decide if and when they are ready to take those steps.

The second edition of Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess:

  • Highlights the importance of implementation readiness and the conditions that foster SEL and development;
  • Includes assessments of learning conditions in and out of school; and
  • Updates the list of available social and emotional competency assessments.

Image of postcard: Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Learning

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Brief
    Invites users to "STOP" and learn about the evolving SEL landscape. Introduces implementation readiness and conditions that foster SEL and development. Download Brief
  • Decision Tree
    Helps schools and organizations that are ready to assess to "THINK" about whether and how to use assessments with the development and critical appraisal of an assessment plan. Download Decision Tree
  • Tools Index
    Empowers users to "ACT" with confidence to choose from a list of selected assessment tools identified by AIR to explore conditions for learning and development and social and emotional competencies. Download Tools Index

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