The Science of Learning and Development in Afterschool Systems and Settings

Image of young teacher with students using magnifying glasses outside

The Science of Learning and Development (SoLD) Alliance is dedicated to exploring and strengthening systems and settings that bolster whole-child efforts through research, policy, and practice. It includes experts from AIR, EducationCounsel, the Forum for Youth Investment, Learning Policy Institute, Populace, and Turnaround for Children. The SoLD Alliance's body of work bolsters the youth development field’s efforts in afterschool systems and settings to ensure that all young people have opportunities to thrive.

This brief is the beginning of an exciting conversation about SoLD in afterschool and in other systems and settings where young people learn, live, and play. The brief includes:

  • Select findings from the SoLD Alliance’s efforts;
  • Relevant, actionable key takeaways on relational settings, cultural competence, and trauma and adversity;
  • Suggestions for practical ways to support high-quality afterschool systems and settings; and
  • An outline of the elements of developmentally rich contexts that foster learning and healthy development.