LAC Reads en Voz Alta: Early Grade Literacy Podcast

LAC Reads: En Voz Alta Listen to the first season of LAC Reads Out Loud, a podcast, created by the LAC Reads Capacity Program, focused on raising awareness among different key audiences about the importance of foundational literacy for children in Central America and the Caribbean.

The series, available only in Spanish, includes seven episodes that share evidence-based recommendations from experts and real stories on topics such as the importance of reading, the challenges of teaching literacy in virtual environments, instruction in times of conflict in Central America, the importance of reading and many more. 


Listen to all episodes here

E1. Adventures and Misadventures in Reading and Writing

Join us on the journey of exploring foundational literacy, its stages, and the biggest challenges in the LAC region to promote learning. In this podcast we also touch base on why it is crucial for children to learn how to read and write in their early years and the impact it has on a society.

E2. Learning the Hard Way

The LAC region, historically, has unfortunately had a negative relationship with education as it has been closely related to the use of negative and physical punishment as a mechanism of control and discipline. In this episode we will present some stories, from the past and present, and share reflections from specialists on methods that have been implemented in their countries for the academic development of children.

E3. Our Past Sets the Path to Our Future

It is no secret that the LAC region faces one of the largest learning gaps, we invite you to listen to this podcast to understand what the literacy gaps are in LAC, where public education policies are focusing their attention and how to "improve the path" according to evidence-based recommendations.

E4. Tribute to Teaching in Times of Armed Conflict

What is it like to teach reading and writing in scenarios of conflict and violence? What does school mean in times of crisis? In this episode, we invite you to listen to the experiences of teachers who taught in times of conflict. Listen to their voices and reflect on the vital role of education and instruction during emergencies and crises.

E5. From In-Person to Digital

The impact of COVID-19 on education is unprecedented in our recent history and the evidence is compelling regarding the educational setback of millions of children around the world because of school closures. In this episode of our podcast, we share reflections on the challenges and opportunities of teaching early grade literacy remotely in the LAC region.

E6. Importance of Learning to Read

Throughout our lives we not only learn to read, but we read to learn. How can we motivate children to read every day, to sharpen these skills? Listen to this episode full of stories, anecdotes and strategies on how to encourage reading.

E7. One Region, One Page

In recent decades, the region has seen a number of initiatives sought to  improve the method for teaching, and the understanding of how children learn to read and write in the region; however, recent evaluations have proved that the region regains at a standstill. In this episode, we discuss what the LAC region should focus on to improve Early Grade Literacy in Central America and the Caribbean region.