Long-Term Educational Outcomes of Children in the Positive Education Program’s Early Childhood Centers

Presented September 28, 2005 to the Advisory Board for the Long-term Outcomes for Children Receiving Preschool Intervention for Behavioral and Developmental Concerns Project in Cleveland, OH.

  • Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Special Education Programs
  • Performed in collaboration with Early Childhood staff from the Positive Education Program
  • David Osher, Principal Investigator
  • Elizabeth Spier, Bridget Goosby, Yen Chau, and Fiona Helsel, Co-Investigators

This presentation provides an overview of the Regional Intervention Program study and Early Childhood Centers. Effects of the program included improved child behavior and skills, parenting skills, sense of community, knowledge and skills, and empowerment.