From Combat to Collaboration: The Labor-Management Partnership in San José Unified School District

Marina Castro
Jarah Blum

Image of teachers Amidst numerous issues plaguing the San José Unified School District, the San José superintendent and the San José Teachers Association president came together to find common ground and chart a new path. Over the past 24 years, this collaboration—and the teamwork it produced—has continued to grow stronger. 

From Combat to Collaboration explores the way in which the district and union laid the groundwork for a new way of working together, how leaders have continued to foster and deepen the partnership, the day-to-day policies and practices that allow the relationship to flourish, and how collaboration enables the district to better serve its students.

The partnership offers lessons for other district and union leaders seeking to create a similar dynamic. These lessons highlight the important of communication, providing opportunities for teachers to contribute to decisions being made at a district level, and cultivating current and future district leaders.

Principal Researcher