Six Years and Counting: The ECHSI Matures (2009)

Andrea R. Berger, Project Director and Susan Cole, Deputy Project Director

Report Findings (Summary)

The ECHSI is in its sixth year, and this is the fifth annual synthesis report for the ECHSI. A brief overview shows that although the ECHSI continued to grow in terms of the number of schools participating, the growth was slower than in prior years. It also is clear that fewer ECSs are opening as conversions from existing schools. By 2007–08, approximately two-thirds of the ECSs had started as new schools. More than half of the ECSs in 2007–08 were located on a college campus, and 65 percent of ECSs were partnered with a public 2-year IHE. ECSs also continued to enroll the intended target population: approximately two-thirds of ECS students were from racial/ethnic minority backgrounds and 59 percent of ECS students were low income.

Managing Researcher