White Paper: Improving Equitable Measurement and Reporting in NAEP

Gerunda B. Hughes, Howard University

Throughout NAEP’s history and evolution, efforts have been made to ensure fairness, equity, validity, and utility in the design, administration, and results of the assessment. Equity-minded assessment professionals can infuse equity throughout the assessment process by transparently informing and educating all stakeholders.

This paper first reviews the history of NAEP (including NAEP Law) as well as perspectives on validity, fairness, and equity in large-scale assessments and NAEP, and explores equity issues in NAEP. The second part of this paper provides suggestions for improving equitable measurement and reporting in NAEP including (a) how equitable features can be implemented in NAEP, (b) some possible research studies, and (c) who or what directly or indirectly benefits from improving equity in NAEP. The message herein is to encourage the continued work of the National Center for Education Statistics, National Assessment Governing Board, and the broader NAEP community.