Safe Place Resource Kit: Trauma Sensitive Practice for Health Centers Serving Higher Education Students

The American Association of American Universities found that about a quarter of undergraduate women report being the victim of sexual assault or misconduct since beginning college. Previous studies suggest roughly one in five women nationally is sexually assaulted while in college.

The Safe Place resource kit encompasses a broad range of material introducing and endorsing trauma-sensitive practice with an emphasis on sexual assault trauma. Designed specifically for health center staff who serve as primary care providers to students in higher education, the kit will support health center staff at all levels to:

  • Understand the likelihood that they serve student patients and even work with colleagues affected by trauma.
  • Infuse trauma-sensitive approaches into their daily routine.
  • Create a care environment that supports students affected by trauma.

Safe Place is one in a diverse collection of tools commissioned by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. These tools are designed to supplement higher education efforts to develop campus-wide plans addressing sexual assault at their institutions.