The SEL School: Connecting Social and Emotional Learning to Effective Teaching

Great teachers do more than promote the student's academic learning–they teach the whole child. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is critical to the introduction of college and career readiness standards, which increase the demands on students' ability to engage in deeper learning, and shift the focus and rigor of instruction.

The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders' (GTL Center) Social and Emotional Learning School helps teachers, school and district leaders, and state education agencies collaborate in connecting social and emotional learning to effective teaching.

  • Understanding Social and Emotional Learning offers an interactive graphic you can use to learn all about key SEL competencies and teaching practices.
  • SEL Tools for Educators explains action steps and GTL Center resources that can assist you. 
  • SEL Tools for State and District Leaders explains action steps and GTL Center resources that can support your policy planning and implementation. 
  • Take the Self-Assessment will walk you through using the GTL Center’s innovative, online reflection tool for social and emotional learning. 

The GTL Center is committed to working at all levels of policy and practice to ensure that social and emotional learning is integrated into existing educator effectiveness reforms and professional development systems.