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In an equitable educational system, a student’s race and place of residence should not predict access to the opportunities and resources that promote thriving and academic success.

AIR Equity Initiative-funded projects in this program area aim to improve educational experiences and outcomes for students affected by the consequences of segregation. Specifically, these grants support projects that study and develop processes, interventions, and tools, in partnership with school districts and communities, to advance solutions that address root causes of educational inequity. Additionally, this work aims to strengthen and learn from policy and technical assistance efforts to reduce racial segregation in housing and education across communities, districts, schools, and classrooms.

Project Highlight

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The Bridges Collaborative Continuous Improvement Study

Informing a Nationwide Effort for School Integration

The Bridges Collaborative study is documenting promising practices in school integration. AIR researchers collected and analyzed data from Bridges Collaborative members—a consortium of practitioners from 57 public school districts, charter management organizations, and fair housing organizations across the country who learn from each other, develop strategies for integration, and build grassroots support.

Findings to date highlight promising practices that Bridges Collaborative members are implementing to reduce school segregation and increase integration. These promising practices include:

  • Building mutually beneficial and inclusive partnerships—both formal and informal;
  • Having a clear vision and buy-in to drive effective implementation practices; and
  • Leveraging data to drive continuous improvements.

AIR’s team also provides recommendations to help inform the Bridges Collaborative’s nationwide movement for integrated schools and diverse neighborhoods.

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