Lisa Lachlan

Managing TA Consultant

Lisa Lachlan is a managing TA consultant at AIR. Dr. Lachlan has more than a decade of experience managing policy, practice and systems change projects in education at the federal, state and district levels. At the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center), she spearheads support to states and districts on the design, implementation, and study of mentoring and induction, including development of the Mentoring and Induction Toolkit 2.0 aimed at addressing equity by increasing beginning teacher retention and effectiveness in high-need schools. Through this work, Dr. Lachlan directed the Mentoring and Induction Affinity Group—a group of six states and nine partner districts focusing specifically on this topic as part of the Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy, and leads the GTL Center’s team providing intensive supports on mentoring and induction to Hawaii, Indiana, and Oregon.  

As the director of strategic partnerships for the GTL Center, she directs projects on educator equity, educator talent management, professional learning, working conditions, diversification of the teaching workforce, teacher leadership, instructional coaching, socio-emotional learning, and educator effectiveness systems. As a content expert, she also serves to support Regional Comprehensive Centers and Regional Education Laboratories in their educator talent management projects. Dr. Lachlan also directs large-scale, multi-year projects and has served as a content expert for multiple education workforce initiatives, including but not limited to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project, the University of North Carolina General Administration’s Study of Beginning Teacher Needs, the University of California at Davis’ Resourcing Excellence in Education (REEd) Project, the Ohio Department of Education’s Implementing the Ohio Teacher Evaluation Systems and the U.S. Department of Education-funded State Support Network, Teacher Incentive Fund, and Reform Support Network.

Lisa Lachlan

Ed.D., Educational Psychology, Northern Illinois University