Crime and Safety Surveys Project

This project covers support in all aspects of the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics' crime and safety surveys, including the following:

  • Sample design
  • Questionnaire development
  • Cognitive testing
  • Preparing Office of Management and Budget clearance packages
  • Developing and writing code for data editing and data imputation
  • Conducting bias analyses of the data
  • Conducting disclosure review analyses
  • Performing quality control checks on data files
  • Producing data products, survey documentation, and reports
  • Working with other contractors and federal agencies on any of the above work

AIR personnel on this task are trained and experienced in all aspects of planning, conducting, and reporting on surveys. Expertise is provided in sample design as well as in development and testing of self-administered questionnaires. Programming support is provided in SAS and STATA.

AIR staff also have experience cleaning/editing, imputing, and weighting survey data, conducting bias analyses, conducting disclosure analyses, and producing necessary documentation. AIR personnel have strong oral and writing skills, and experience producing reports for NCES and similar federal statistical agencies. Finally, expertise is offered in the substantive area of school crime and safety. This includes a knowledge of topics such as crimes at school, disciplinary actions available and used by schools, and policies and practices related to crime prevention.

Jana Kemp
Principal Researcher