Shifting to a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Coworkers collaborating at whiteboard

Implementing systemic change through Lean and other continuous improvement models can reduce waste and improve quality of service delivery when done right. But change models are not enough to ensure success. Equally important is the adoption of change principles and practices by staff at all levels in the organization and the willingness—dare we say passion—to facilitate essential changes within their teams and their work practices.

AIR worked directly with a Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization to provide change management moving from a Lean “model” implementation to a Lean culture shift to engage and embrace Lean principles and practices and adopt a continuous improvement mindset at all levels of the organization. This effort included a virtual learning academy, communications, and related mixed-media design services.

AIR has the expertise to help integrate Lean Six Sigma across organizations to guide change—from needs assessment; design and development of learning experiences, communications, and internal staffing structures; to implementation and evaluation outcomes.

AIR conducted all aspects of needs analysis, learning content and platform design/development and implementation, administration and management of the platform, course evaluations, and reporting of user metrics.

The extensive learning curriculum covered 10 core Lean and Agile topics and 3 advanced Lean topics in various formats on a virtual learning platform, including self-paced certifications and just-in-time training as well as cohort-based hybrid certification programs. AIR was the sole contractor for this work, including:

  • Designing and developing over 81 asynchronous e-learning course modules, 88 video lessons, and 74 job aids;
  • Building and managing a learning platform providing access to courses and other Lean resources and information;
  • Serving as a thought partner for change management around transitioning staff enterprise-wide to using Lean tools and approaches, including supporting company goals for Lean implementation;
  • Transitioning four classroom-based Certification courses to online and hybrid cohort-based learning experiences;
  • Providing marketing direction and support via a quarterly email newsletter highlighting Lean achievements, staff spotlights for Lean users, podcasts of Lean supporters, and learning platform updates;
  • Designing evaluation surveys and subsequent data analysis leading to course and program improvements.
  • Providing monthly reports for engagement analytics for the learning platform; and
  • Designing and developing a Wiki for internal use to capture best practices.
Catherine Baker-Inzitari
Managing Director
Jen Chingwe
Senior TA Consultant