Equitable Access Toolkit and Playbook

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Every student deserves teachers and principals who can help them achieve their potential. Yet research consistently shows that many students do not have consistent access to excellent educators. In comparison with other students, students from low-income families or rural backgrounds, students of color, students with special needs, and English language learners have less access to excellent educators, which hinders their ability to succeed in school and beyond.

The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders supports states in understanding the extent to which their students have equitable access to excellent educators, developing equity plans to address gaps in equitable access, and planning for implementation. Our Equitable Access Toolkit and Implementation Playbook provide user-friendly guidance and planning templates to aid states in this process.

Equitable Access Toolkit

Stakeholder Engagement Guide

Engaging stakeholders in the design and implementation of your state’s educator equity plan is critical. Doing so garners support and ensures that the strategies you adopt will benefit from the insight and input that educators and other stakeholders in your state bring to the table.

This guide assists state leaders in brainstorming and implementing effective stakeholder engagement strategies, from developing key messages to creating two-way feedback loops. Twelve supplementary resources offer more detailed guidance on specific elements of your state’s stakeholder engagement process.

Stakeholder Engagement Guide - Summary (PDF)

Data Review Tool

When developing your state’s equity plan, the important elements of data analysis must be examined thoroughly. This tool is designed specifically to help state leaders assess, analyze, and communicate their equitable access data.

Root Cause Analysis Workbook

Drilling down to the root causes of equity gaps are an essential part of developing your state's Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators. This workbook takes state leaders through eight steps for conducting a root-cause analysis, in a strategic, deliberate way to ensure that strategies are targeted to the real cause behind equity gaps.

Implementation Playbook

We Have an Equitable Access Plan: Now What?

Start the process of implementation with this step-by-step tool designed to support you wherever you are in the implementation process. Use this resource to assess community awareness about your equity plan, identify a project leader and team to implement your equity plan strategies, assess current levels of implementation, clarify leading indicators of success, create a project management plan, and act on the plan.