Christina Curnow

Managing Director, Human Capital Solutions

Christina Curnow has more than 20 years of experience consulting and conducting research related to workforce performance and engagement. Dr. Curnow's areas of expertise include job analysis and competency modeling, test development and validation, technology enabled learning, leader development and training, workforce analytics, employee engagement, and workforce planning. Her research skills include research design, survey development and implementation, focus groups, data analysis, technical and business writing and presentation.  

Dr. Curnow has worked with the U.S. Department of Defense throughout her entire career (Army, Airforce, Joint Forces, Office of Secretary for Defense). She also has extensive experience with federal civilian, state, and commercial clients. She has extensive people and project management experience including managing diverse teams of more than 120 people with backgrounds in, Industrial and Organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, workforce research statistics, instructional systems design, economics, experimental psychology, instructional technology and programming. 

Dr. Curnow’s work has been presented in books and peer-reviewed journals as well as at a variety of conferences.


Image of Christina Curnow

Ph.D., Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The George Washington University