Holistic and Skills-Based Assessments

In today's competitive talent landscape, traditional assessment methods that solely focus on academic achievements or qualifications are increasingly recognized as insufficient. To address this shift, AIR’s team of experts propose integrating holistic and skills-based assessment practices. Such integration offers a more nuanced and comprehensive evaluation of candidates.

Graphic showing the interaction between technical and non-technical skills

Holistic assessment goes beyond technical competencies to include a candidate's traits, values, and potential for growth. And skills-based assessment practices further complement this by focusing on real-world applicability, offering insights into how well a candidate will perform on the job. This robust approach not only improves the predictive validity of talent assessments but also fosters a more equitable and inclusive hiring process.

Emphasizing both technical and non-technical skills, such synergistic approaches to assessment enable employers to make more informed decisions that result in better matches between candidates and job requirements.

Presentations from Our Experts

Trevino, S. (Co-Chair), Rege, G. (Co-Chair), Curnow, C., Calderón, R., Heil, M., & Labrador, J. (2023). Skill-based practices: Experiences and lessons from development to implementation [Panel]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference. Boston, MA, United States.