Digital Transformation Communication and Upskilling


Happy entrepreneurs having a discussion in an office

In our world of rapidly advancing technology few are immune to reliance on high quality data and network services to operate their organizations and experience life in general. To address this need in a customer-centric way, a large U.S. employer and confidential client of AIR applied a customer demand-driven digital transformation strategy to redefine their systems and workflows to improve their service delivery model.

AIR has a long-standing relationship with the largest privately owned broadband company in the U.S. Through our work with this client, AIR has contributed organizational and talent development consultative services and solutions in support of their digital transformation journey.

This work was purposeful in providing the right level of awareness to foster the desire to change behaviors and specified the “what, why, and how” associated with new ways of doing work.

- Catherine Baker-Inzitari

Together, the client and AIR looked at how technical advancements in systems impacted the customer experience from sales through fulfillment and ongoing customer service functions. It included:

  • Current state analysis and future state planning;
  • Exploration of new workflows and job tasks;
  • Communication of change impacts; and
  • Upskilling and reskilling of incumbent staff.

Deliverables ranged from a communication and learning strategy, a blend of videos, eLearning, virtual presentations, interactive workshops with hands-on labs facilitated by AIR, and at-need resources for use in the flow of work after or in lieu of training depending on the role of the employee or partner organization. 

AIR worked directly with business leaders, change agents, technology experts, and front-line employees. The project evolved year over year with digital systems adoption, resulting in multiple iterations of deliverables facilitated through agile project management and work cycles.

This work remains today as our client continuously evaluates and improves their digital strategy. As the client continues advancing its technology it also advances upskilling of its workforce. This is beneficial to their organization, its people, partners, and customers.

AIR understands the impact of digital evolution on organizations, their workflows, and their workforce. This work gave AIR a firsthand look at an organization that has people central to its digital transformation strategy.